Walking Tour of African American History in Downtown Wickford

Old Narragansett Church in Wickford, founded in 1706

with Tim Cranston
Saturday, November 3rd, 2018
Meeting at 11 am Gardner’s Wharf

Explore the stories of Wickford’s vibrant community of slaves, servants, mariners, farmers and fisherman living in the early seventeen and eighteen hundreds along side its early Native American population. Who were they? How did they live their lives? What became of them? We will examine these issues and more. Our journey begins at 11 AM, after participants gather at the Town Dock parking lot at the far end of Main Street. We will walk up Pleasant Street past the home of Captain Lodowick Updike, owner of the first Narragansett Plantation stretching from Wickford south to Point Judith and west to Connecticut. The tour will end with a lively discussion at the Old Narragansett Church nestled in the heart of this historic community. For all those who wish to attend, the discussion will continue at lunch at Wickford on the Water on Main Street