The Voices Who Had No Voice – Rocky Hill Country Day School

In 2018, students from the Class of 2026 worked together to answer the driving question, “If there were enslaved people at Potowomut in the past, how can we raise awareness and honor them by giving them a voice?” Working with several outside organizations including The Office of Secretary of State, Rhode Island State Archives, and Rhode Island Slave History (RISH), the “Junior Historians” went to work. After many months of researching, the students were able to verify that there was evidence of slavery on Potowomut.

Working with Charles Roberts, RISH Founder and Director, the students proposed that a medallion be placed on the school’s campus. Diane Rich, Head of School, approved the proposal. On May 7th, 2022 the work of many committed students, teachers, and administrators was made tangible by the installation of the Rhode Island Slave History Medallion on the Rocky Hill Country Day School’s grounds.

Rocky Hill Country Day School students