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Barrington and the Early Roots of Slavery

In 1653 settler-colonists laid claim to “Sowams,” the ancestral home of the Pokanoket. Though the Pokanoket never relinquished their claim, settler-colonists soon occupied the land, including modern-day Barrington.

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Rocky Hill School 2022 Voices

Potowomut is known by the Narragansett as their sacred meeting and hunting grounds. Beginning In 1680, African and Indigenous people were enslaved by the Greene family to steward the land until 1779.

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Bowen’s Wharf Medallion Installation Ceremony

On July 23rd 2020, a RI Slave History Medallion was placed at the original historic buildings on Bowen’s Wharf formerly known as the Stevens Ship Chandlery (now the Sail Loft) which is registered with the Library of Congress’s Historic American Buildings.

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