Eddy-Cutler House - Credits and Research Sources

Research Sources

  1. Warren Town Hall Records of 30 State St., Originally 18 State St., Plat#4 Lot#100.
  2. The Notorious Triangle, Jay Coughtry, p. 263; SlaveVoyage Database, David Eltis, http://slavevoyages.org/voyages/bVYPSXHx, Accessed 10/6/2017.
  3. Computed using average price of Charleston slave sales of $209.32 per slave; see “Slave Prices and the South Carolina Economy, 1722–1809”, Mancall, Rosenbloom, and Weiss, Journal of Economic History, Vol. 61, No. 3 (Sept. 2001), 620, Table 1.
  4. Rhode Island Preservation Commission, ibid.

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